The complete message from this book is to build a relationship with Yahushua and He explained: "This is My love letter to My Bride."


Gedurende 1981 is ek met borskanker gediagnoseer. In HERE, GEBRUIK MY vertel ek oor 55 bladsye van my stryd, ook met my geloof, en hoe Vader-God 'n stukkende kleipot kan optel en weer heelmaak.

Ek was toe in die proses om die eerste boek, Geheime van die hel ontbloot, te publiseer, terwyl die openbarings van Abba-Vader steeds voortgegaan het. Van ʼn bediening was daar geen sprake nie, maar min het ek toe geweet; dit is waaroor die opleiding sou gaan. Ade Yah Love moes gebore word. Aanvanklik het ek nie verstaan nie, maar dit was eintlik ʼn wonderlike pad wat Vader verder met my begin loop het. Kortliks wil ek dit so beskryf: Wanneer ons Hemelse Vader aan iemand ʼn spesifieke opdrag gee om uit te voer, sal Hy in Sy liefde en getrouheid so ʼn persoon eers ten volle voorberei, voordat Hy hom of haar uitstuur en sê: "Gaan en doen wat Ek jou beveel." In Jeremia 1:17, kry ons die pragtige voorbeeld van hoe Vader die profeet Jeremia ten volle toegerus het vir die spesifieke opdrag; om as profeet vir nasies op te tree. In Halachah, wil ek u saam met my op so ʼn reis van gehoorsaamheid en voorbereiding neem. Daar was tye dat ek werklik beangs was omdat ek so baie dinge nie kon verstaan nie en die inhoud van die openbarings soveel dieper was as voorheen; maar die liefde waarmee Vader my bemoedig het, het my telkens in sprakelose verwondering gelaat. Hy is altyd in beheer, wat Sy grote plan ookal mag wees.

In Halachah, which means: ‘The way one walks’, I describe the events of a period which started nine months after I had the first revelation at the Sea of Galilee. I was in the process of publishing the first book, Secrets of hell revealed, while the revelations of Abba Father continued. Initially I did not understand, but it became a wonderful road which Father walked with me. I will describe it in this way: When our Heavenly Father gives an assignment to someone to do, He will always, by His love and faithfulness, first equip and prepare such a person, before He sends him or her out, saying: “Go and do as I require of you.” Jeremiah 1: 7-9 gives us the perfect example of how Father equipped the prophet in totality for a specific assignment – to be a prophet for the nations. In Halachah I want to take you, as reader, with me on such a journey of obedience and preparation. There were times when I was really anxious, because of the many things I did not understand, for the contents of these revelations were much deeper than the previous ones. The love that Father expressed in encouraging me, time and again left me breathless. He is always in control, whatever His greater plan may be. The revelations which preceded Halachah is noted in the publication Secrets of hell revealed and Secrets of heaven unveiled. Both titles are also available in Afrikaans, as is Halachah.

“Abba Father, will people ever be able to understand what a Garden-in-Eden relationship is about?” I asked our Creator Father one morning while waiting on Him in the quietness of my prayer room. His immediate response filled my inner most being. “A Garden relationship is not within the reach of anybody, unless they first enter into a relationship with Me. They first need to know Me before they will be able to appreciate the Garden, because I am the Garden. “But Hephzibah, they may also ask you: ‘What and where is this Garden in Eden?’ “That is why I am going to give you access to My Garden. I want you to journal your experience and sweet fellowship with Me, to allow My people a glimpse of what is waiting on them when they enter the gate of a Garden-in-Eden relationship with Me.” That night my Abba Father woke me with this command: “Hephzibah, build up your strength as you are stepping into a higher calling as a messenger. It is time to enter My Garden-in-Eden. I will take you by the hand and lead you past the cherub with the glittering sword. I will open the gate for you to enter into My garden, precious messenger.”


This little book, The War is on, is divided into three sections. In part one the emphasis falls on the character of Yahuwah Elohim and enlightens the many ways how His attributes are presented in the Scriptures. It explains why satan so desperately focuses on getting the position and praiseworthy title as King over Heavens and Earth, that will allow him the authority and power to rule accordingly. Part two accentuates the last battle itself as revealed in Revelation 16:14: … ‘They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.’ The War is on underlines the awareness and utmost importance to be prepared for the battle between the powers of darkness and the Power of Light. We need to understand how to get equipped and what to expect, in order not to be caught off guard for what is coming in this extremely dangerous war in the spirit. Part three is giving us a tiny glimpse of the inheritance of a victorious bride.

How would I ever have thought that a day would arrive where I will be meeting my Yahushua, the King of kings, inside the most holy Meeting Place of all meeting places, inside the heart of the Father. Honour to our heavenly Creator for positioning me to write this book and to reveal a little bit of His loving character – how He uses our past as an instrument to compose the most beautiful music for us to eventually dance to the song of that melody. He teaches us to look through the eyes of The Lion, enlightened eyes of faith and hope, to see light amidst our darkest hours of hopelessness. Through this true life-story, I want to testify and inspire people to keep on seeking Him despite downfalls and setbacks. In order to overcome the deepest pain, we must be willing to climb the highest mountain until we reach the top. The deeper the valley; the greater the victory. When reaching the top, guard against backsliding and downfalls. Let the stumbling blocks of the past become our stepping stones to the future, and when we slip, Abba Father will carry us and see us through. Never give up on Him as He will never, ever let go of us.