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How would I ever have thought that a day would arrive where I will be meeting my Yahushua, the King of kings, inside the most holy Meeting Place of all meeting places, inside the heart of the Father.

Honour to our heavenly Creator for positioning me to write this book and to reveal a little bit of His loving character – how He uses our past as an instrument to compose the most beautiful music for us to eventually dance to the song of that melody.

He teaches us to look through the eyes of The Lion, enlightened eyes of faith and hope, to see light amidst our darkest hours of hopelessness.

Through this true life-story, I want to testify and inspire people to keep on seeking Him despite downfalls and setbacks.

In order to overcome the deepest pain, we must be willing to climb the highest mountain until we reach the top.

The deeper the valley; the greater the victory. When reaching the top, guard against backsliding and downfalls.

Let the stumbling blocks of the past become our stepping stones to the future, and when we slip, Abba Father will carry us and see us through.

Never give up on Him as He will never, ever let go of us.