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Having been exposed to the dark places of satan and his followers as we also learn from the book of Revelations, Jesus took over from my accompanying angel and many journeys to Heavenly places followed.

We visited the baby room, the library in Heaven, Father's throne room many times and also the Book of Life. The most wonderful teachings by the Messiah were part of my preparation to eventually understand the heart of the Father. 

The complete message from this book is to build a relationship with Yahushua and He explained:

"This is My love letter to My Bride."



Prophecies that preceded this book and that have been fulfilled

  • The prophetic word on Friday 28 September 2007
  • Another prophetic word on Friday 5 October 2007

HEAVENLY VISITATIONS – secrets of heaven unveiled

  1 Teaching: The almond sceptre

  2 The wheel

  3 The doors swing open

  4 The rock

  5 The preparations

  6 The dress is made

  7 God’s rest

  8 Thoughtfulness

  9 Music

10 The fragrances of the flower

11 Caught up like an eagle

12 The next dimension

13 The first dance lesson

14 Look up

15 The birth

16 The red mantle

17 Freedom

18 Taken higher

19 The baby room

20 The room of tears

21 A guard at the door

22 Further preparations

23 The garden in Eden

24 I am Yahweh

25 Healing

26 Healing water

27 The staircase

28 The small white stone

29 The ruby

30 The galaxy

31 Teaching: The sweet presence of the Father

32 The eye of an eagle

33 The nightly visitor

34 The eagle in the throne room

35 The cosmos

36 The narrow bridge

37 Cloak of obedience

38 The school of life

39 Flames in the palms of his hands

40 The day of the first fruits

41 Waters of wisdom

42 The golden city

43 The detour

44 Sabbath rest

45 Almond oil

46 Madonna lilies

47 Transfer

48 The seven waterfalls

49 The library

50 The valley of hope

51 The stirring of the wind

52 Green waterfalls

53 More rest

54 A conversation

55 Support

56 Green gardens

57 A deeper vision

58 Isha and Ishi

59 Cornerstones

60 The fountain of love

61 The microscopic implant

62 New Year’s Eve service

63 The crown, the oil and the cloak

64 The Master’s teaching

65 The dance

66 Another conversation

67 Wait

68 Silver bracelets

69 Confirmation

70 Barefoot

71 Choices

72 The covenant

73 The new dress

74 The new season

75 A vision

76 The eagle with six wings

77 The second dream