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My wonderful journey of heavenly revelations with my Abba Father that started at the Sea of Galilee in Israel as far back as 2007, accelerated to new heights when our Creator King met me in a little village chapel in the South African Karoo town of Matjiesfontein. I was enjoying the stillness of the open landscape with my husband for a few days away from Cape Town.

One morning, while alone in the chapel, Father accentuated a whole new route in my journey with Him and I heard in my spirit: “I am about to let you enter the eyes of the Lion, to teach you how to obtain a deeper level of insight; but first you have to face Me eye to eye, little one.”

Without further delay an impressive Lion, enclosed in a golden glow, became part of the heavenly vision. As He came closer, I looked into His eyes with admiration and immediately sensed the divine presence of the Lion of Judah. Mysteriously I became one with the majestic Lion and watched in amazement how I was taken into the very focal point of His piercing eyesight.

As with numerous previous revelations I once again was a participant as well as a spectator simultaneously. In other words, I could see what was happening to me from the view of a spectator.

“You went through fires and faced deep valleys and were severely tested along your very tough journey so far. You had to climb steep mountains and walk on stormy seas and have finally reached the place where the Lion roams.”

The message from my Creator King strongly encouraged me and He continued:

“Today I would like to baptise you with the vision of the Lion  ?  the ability to faithfully observe the unseen through enlightened eyes; to see light and life during your darkest hours.

“You need to know that, unless man follows Me unconditionally, perceives through My eyes and has faith in Me, he cannot reign with Me.” 

I could clearly hear the beating of my own heart while waiting excitedly. The beautiful Lion appeared to be totally relaxed as the vision gradually extended and a spacious landscape, with a huge mountain prominent in the foreground, quietly filled the surrounding.

While focussing on the abnormal high peak of this mountain, a tiny spot, that was at first barely visible, deliberately brightened up and became enlarged as if I was staring at it through the lenses of a pair of binoculars.

For a moment I was speechless. I looked again and yes, it was real, the image of the Lion I met moments ago was now clearly visible at the top of the mountain. There He was, parading in majesty, with His right foot slightly touching the very edge of the abyss.

The echoes of His roars vibrated repeatedly through the air and the golden radiance that surrounded Him became brighter and eventually started flashing in all directions.

I went down on my knees. It was just too overwhelming for me to observe and to understand.

“Daughter, what you witness, is the awakening roar of the Lion of Judah, roaming and ruling over all the Earth.”

A deep silence descended as the roaring that was individually directed to the South, the East, the West and the North, steadily ceased. He slowly came to rest and laid down on a rocky plateau, watching and waiting.

Deep inside me I knew: The Lion of Judah has made His presence known to all of creation.

In the glimmer of the rays coming from His eyes, I could distinguish majestic authority, and at the same time sensed tranquillity and sympathy and a divine presence of wisdom beyond description.

“Hephzibah, only those with eyes unveiled like the eyes of the Lion, will have the ability to comprehend the depth of what you just observed.

“Through My eyes, the eyes of the Lion, My prophets will be able to see, and even sense emotional stirrings and thoughts.

“Remember, little one, this is just the beginning of your new level of authority.”

At that very moment I did not fully realise what the words meant.

“Watch carefully, take up your pen and journal what you witness.”

I watched very carefully indeed and noticed how the Lion moved His head slightly. His whole posture was at full alert as He firmly got to His feet; His eyes intently focussing down the steep slopes of the mountain side.

I held my breath and watched with expectation. Something else was moving at the foot of the mountain and that was what He was staring at. I observantly followed every movement.

My heart pounded heavily in my chest when I recognised the lioness. Aglow in a silvery golden radiance, she graciously bowed her knees and patiently awaited the approval of the Lion of Judah at the summit.

After a while He courteously stretched out His right paw towards her. She accepted His approach and slowly moved closer. I could see how their paws eventually touched. She reached the summit safely and gladly joined Him.

There they stood, the Lion of Judah and His lioness, overlooking the world from above, delightfully observing their glorious domain.

The vision slowly faded and after a while vanished.

A deep silence filled my innermost being and it felt as if I was bathing in the sacredness of the moment.

“My Hephzibah-bride, as you experienced this revelation through unveiled eyes, you have really perceived through the eyes of the Lion. More revelations will follow soon.” 

While listening to what my heavenly Father said, I could see thousands of lions through my spirit eyes. Weirdly enough, these lions were walking on their hind feet, holding lanterns in their right paws. They were coming over hills and mountains, through valleys and along plateaus, heading in the direction of a huge rock.

I enjoyed watching them carry all these lanterns as they were making their way across the open field. Unspeakable joy left me stunned as my beloved Yahushua became visible on the rock the lions were heading for. He was standing there, dressed in white and was sounding a shofar.

Suddenly Yahushua was adorned in gold and gently the figure of the mighty Lion of Judah emerged from out of Him.

“This is the wake-up call for all the lions in waiting to come to attention; those with brave hearts and courageous spirits will hear the call and start to move in the direction of the mountain,”  Father explained.

The lions all sat down; their eyes fixed on the impressive Lion on the rock. The old ones at the back formed a hedge of protection around the younger ones and the cubs.

However, it was Yahushua, as the Lion of Judah, who addressed them and said: “To all brave-hearted ones, My message to encourage and uplift you is: ‘endure, press through and do not get weary along the way; persevere to the end and you will eat from the fruit of the Tree of Life.’

“The end is near, but all prophecies are not yet fulfilled.”

The Lion on the rock then lifted His right paw and made a declaration: “We salute You, King of kings, our Father Who rules and reigns forever. Holy is Your name, exalted above all names and greatly honoured. We declare ourselves willing to do Your will.”

And all the lions around roared: “We agree.”

As I was watching they all slowly left one by one.

I really did not understand what to do with what I saw, until my faithful heavenly Father as usual explained: “Just wait and watch, little scribe. The only way you could understand what I wanted to explain, was for Me to divulge My lesson by means of this short story. I wanted to surprise you with something unique and new, but with a message.”

At first, I thought it was a dream but then I understood that He wanted to release the message in a visible way. This was very clever indeed.

I stayed for a while and then walked out into the bright Karoo sunlight, pondering and leaving the chapel behind. A few days later we returned to Cape Town.

I could think of nothing else, but this astonishing eye-opening vision and I really did not know what would follow, until one night Abba Father continued: “Hephzibah, tell My children not to underestimate the value of going through bad times; times when their faith gets stretched. You have gone through unpleasant times during childhood days remember, but I have changed all those into immeasurable blessings. Sometimes you do not even realise it.”

To me this new message came as a strange request as it has been days only since He showed me the vision about Yahushua and His bride, a blessed time we all are looking forward to. Bad times of the past sounded like something in a completely different category.

It, however, filled me with excitement when I realised that the wish of my dearest heavenly Father was to let me understand that my childhood experiences, bad or good, formed part of my wonderful journey with Him. How that would get synchronised, was a mystery to me.

That night, in the soft light of a sickle-moon, I cautiously opened the curtains of our bedroom window overlooking the garden. The sweet silence of the night covered everything like a veil. A chilly coolness wrapped itself around my bare arms as I gazed into the starry skies.

“You are a good, good Father and I love You so.”