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Through an open portal I was taken into a cloud of fire.

“It is time to enter deeper into this cloud and to walk on fiery stones.

“Beloved one, you have nothing to fear as I will put My shoes on your feet. You have already entered the cloud, but now is the time to discover what is deeper. New eyeglasses will protect your eyes. It is time to be baptised in fire. Step into it with boldness and obedience.”

Tongues of fire suddenly wrapped all around me changing my white linen dress into a garment of flames. It was intense although I never felt scared. Awesome was the discovery when I recognised the Messiah in the core of the flames, moving along on red-hot fiery stones. I ran up to Him and we danced around and around under these weird conditions. I even noticed the reflection of the flares in His eyes.

“Come, let us be engulfed by this firestorm Little Lady. It will burn away all nasty things and renew your spirit with power from above. Give Me your hand!”

Angels joined us as we moved across the blazing stones that stretched out ahead of us like a pathway.

“You will function in a new and powerful way as you enter deeper, My Little One.”

Our feet barely touched the stones as we moved on. A spectacular display of shimmering heat rays emanated from our stony route.

“I am searching for those who are prepared to join Me on these fiery stones, moving in harmony close to My heart, in My divine presence. Their positions will be restored, and they will be amongst the angels walking the earth.”

“Why do we have to dance on fiery stones dearest Messiah?”

“These stones are precious sparkling jewels, paving the ways in My very presence in the New Jerusalem.”

. . . The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald . . . Revelation 21:19 niv
“Hephzibah, I am blowing the shofar, calling those from both near and far to come and dance on fiery stones in heavenly places. Closer to My heart they have to dance, deeper in the flames they need to dwell. This is costly and not cheap.”

I paused for a short while.

“But I feel bad because I am not worthy, Messiah.”

“Nobody can ever be worthwhile, but My grace is enough for anyone who longs to enter into a deeper relationship with Me.”

What He said seemed so unachievable and I hesitated for a moment. He took me by the hand and carefully led me into the furnace of flames until a blazing curtain covered us.

“I carefully prepared you for this special event, Hephzibah.”

A flaming stone came rolling out of the blaze towards us, exposing a cleft in the background. I saw myself approaching from the depths of this red-hot opening, still dressed in my garment of flames and holding a glowing staff in my hand. The blaze of the staff enlightened my pathway like a flaming torch.

“My fire anointing should be aflame inside your spirit and always be exposed like the glowing staff in your hand.”

I looked around as I was not sure what to do.

“But I do not feel competent to do what You require, dear Messiah!”

“I know that; just dwell in Me and I will be the Fire inside you.”

 . . . “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us on the road . . .”  Luke 24:32 niv
“I want to heal and restore your inner child. Unless you walk on fiery stones, restoration cannot take place.”

I was confused, and as we walked on Yahushua led me like a mother leading her child.

“It is not easy, but when leaning on Me your rhythm and balance will be restored.”

I became aware of thousands upon thousands of angels moving with us all along the flaming stones.

It was difficult for me to value the full meaning of this heavenly experience and I pondered for days afterwards. One morning I had the privilege to return to this awesome environment.

The blazing stones were now all ball-shaped and in various bright colours. Angels, joyfully dressed in crispy sunny colours, were still dancing. Beautiful music, in harmony with the fluctuating colours of the stones, formed a symphony of sound and colour and wave upon wave filled the treasurable moment.

Softly like a breeze our Messiah whispered: “I wanted to surprise you and show you this display of colour and sound and movement. I knew this would bless you as from childhood you always enjoyed a very special adoration for beauty above price. You could watch the sunset fading in the last light, listen to the sweetest chirping of birds and admire the softness in the colour of flowers. I know all this. This is how I created you, Little One, you are extremely sensitive and your sensing abilities highly developed.

“Come, join the angels in the beauty of the moment.”

Yahushua led me towards the sizzling stones and we became part of a harmonised rhythm of dancing and swaying in the coiling flames, completely wrapped in the presence of His divine intimacy.

I noticed another fire; bright orange in colour and in the shape of a flower that bursts into bloom. Pure oil was dripping from the burning petals with angels collecting the valuable fluid in jars of clay.

“What kind of oil is this, Yahushua?” I asked.

The reply was instant: “Fiery anointing oil will be available to My apostles and prophets and will flow freely. However, I need to warn you against false fiery anointing oil. Be watchful! Consult Me and I will assist. Become part of the purest of all oils; the oil generated by your fire of love for Me.” 

The Throne of Abba Father became visible inside the furnace and I went down on my knees.

Underneath me I could feel the ball-shaped stones and I opened my eyes slowly. In absolute wonder I gazed at the most indescribable beauty of thousands of stones, glowing in all the unique colours of precious jewels.

The gems suddenly became alive and a display of colour, far above description, captured my existence. Angels, arriving by the thousands, bowed down in admiration and gently touched the ball-shaped fiery stones. Then, graciously and barefoot, hardly touching the pebbly surface, they swayed on the rhythm of music that emanated from somewhere like an evening breeze. Shining like candles in the dark they turned and twirled, synchronised in movement like weaver birds.

I watched speechless.

One of the angels kindly touched my right shoulder. I immediately understood and spontaneously joined in the dancing. Effortlessly I was perfectly brought into line with the rest. Harmonised in honouring our great Father, acknowledging His majestic wonder.

“Hephzibah, I enjoy seeing you dancing after all the time of deep dismay. I am so glad that you never gave up and that we can now enter deeper to teach you a new dance, a dance of freedom  ?  following My angels on a new melody. On the fiery stones you will dance into the deepness of the night. With enlightened eyes and wrapped in faith you will break through barriers.

 “Inside My very presence you will learn more about holiness and the inner chambers of My authority. A place of intimacy where nobody could ever demand to be, neither deserve to be or turn up because of good works.

“The only way to enter this deep will be through pure love. Divine Messiah-love will be the entrance.”

It was as if the magnitude of the moment intensified as the enlightenment about holy deepness continued. Still amongst the dancing angels I made sure that I did not miss a word.

“Yahushua is the wholesome promise to hold onto. He entered by becoming the split veil on the cross, thus enabling His followers to enter the New Jerusalem. The cross is the key to unlock the Door to this New City. To walk the fiery stones is to grow into a deeper relationship of love with Me.

“Many will try to succeed through own power and effort but will fail due to lack of true Messiah-love.

“When crucifying the flesh, doors get unlocked for My beloved children and prayer room longings become a deeper place of intimacy; the fiery stones of My very presence.”

As everything started to slowly fade away I waited in silence, trying to store inside a tiny, frail human body, a new world I had been exposed to. And I knew for sure: that is where I want to be.

Deep inside my innermost being an intense longing surfaced, a longing to grow into an even deeper relationship with Abba