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“Inside My Mountain of Fragrances is where My Governmental headquarters are. We will be going there soon as this is something you have to experience.”

This was my heavenly Father talking to me in a nightly vision.

“Government of heaven differs from a government on earth and you will learn that soon. On earth, it is a manmade structure, a place where men rule over men. In heaven, I have an authority, founded on love and repentance, a divine spiritual government, a Government of Roses. It is for an unique and special purpose, and a place where extraordinarily, peculiar fragrances are released.

“These fragrances are divine ways in which I am glorified as King of heaven. The origin and very essence thereof are from Me and in Me.

“Man are taking from what derived in Me and try to create something similar on earth, but the fragrance of the Rose of Sharon can never be duplicated . . . only be copied. I created all this and captured the odours inside My governmental mountain and call this command centre:   My Mountain of Fragrances.

“Sweet odours always represent My very presence and this is where I would like to take you, little one  ?  inside the mountain of the hidden fragrances.”

I never had the faintest idea what was waiting on me as I made my way along a hidden passage, until I ended up in the foyer of an incredibly overwhelming place. In fact, it was not a place, but more of a mind-boggling awareness. I arrived at the command centre inside the Mountain of Fragrances.

Many times, during past visitations, I was stunned by the concealed beauty of heaven, but this time I was absolutely speechless. The beauty and the colours and above all the sweetest scents I have ever inhaled, had me motionless. Everything became too much for me. Tears started flooding my eyes; running uncontrolled down my cheeks.

I tried to hold my breath as long as possible, not ready to release from my lungs the unique aroma that filled the entire inside of the mountain. The absolute wondrous scene in front of me had my body paralysed for a moment. In the centre of the mountain dome a smaller mountain in the shape of an open rose, towered from the floor. It was from the core of this rose-mountain that the lovely fragrances were released, filling the inside of the dome.

“Now you will understand why they call Me: The Rose of Sharon? I am the Rose of Sharon, I am the fragrance from the Mountain of Roses. My very essence is sweet and always will be. I represent the sweet fragrance and My presence the reflection of heavenly aroma. People will always stop at a rose-tree to enjoy the sweet odour. They first seek the sweetness and then they stare in awe at the beauty of each rose petal that unfolds like an innocent smile on the face of a little child.

“My little one, receive the sweet scent, deep inside the very essence of your being. Spread the pureness of My presence generously into the world. Come, take My hand, I want to take you deeper into the secrets of the Mountain of Fragrances.”

A rose-shaped door appeared and opened smoothly. I entered and found myself inside the rose-mountain. As far as my eyes could see everything was laid out with all kinds of roses, millions and millions of the most exceptional variants. The walls, the ceiling and the floor were all covered in any colour one could imagine. Colours and shapes I never knew existed.

Not too far ahead of me, cast out of rock, a huge rose-shaped altar was visible, indescribably beautiful in form and colour. A unique scented sweetness, visible as a reddish vapour, ascended from the heart of the altar.

“This is the fragrance of the Spirit of the Lord.”

The moment was holy. From the millions of roses, covering the inside of the mountain, soft sounds emanated. This mixture of fragrance and sound created an impression of roses becoming alive. It filled every empty space inside the mountain. All I could do, was to allow the ambiance of the moment to take control of my presence.

My beloved Messiah arrived and joined me. Without saying anything, He picked a miniature rose and put it in my hand. It immediately started to glow brightly.

“This is My love rose to you, little one. What you so deeply missed out on earth is now yours. I am giving you the love that you so greatly desire . . . My love, flawless and perfect.  All the love you were longing for, you will discover in the gift of this special flower. This is a small replica of My love, the very essence of the Rose of Sharon . . . Me. I created and put the fragrance in this baby rose especially for you, because to Me you are like this little rose.

“Hephzibah, inhale the odour, nourish your nostrils and your eyes with the beauty of these exquisite fragrances and become saturated with this heavenly anointing. I created the sweet smell from the very essence of My being as I am the perfect aroma. Little one, inhale this presence of I Am and appreciate anew, My heart and Who I am.

"What was, can only become what is, if originating from I Am.”

On His command, I followed my beloved Messiah till we paused in front of a beautiful, blue rose. The petals were tinted in silver and shimmered in the freshness of the light.

“Without Wisdom and Insight, the Word is just empty words; words without a perfume or a smell of truth,” He explained.

I moved closer and like a welcome hug, the most unfamiliar aroma from the rose greeted me.

“This is a very special aroma, Master. I have never come across a smell like this from the blue rose before. It is just as unique as the reddish one: a mixture of sweetness and herbs. I just love it.”

I looked up at the Messiah, His face framed in the shekinah glory of the moment.

“Embrace the smell of Wisdom and insight as the rose of Wisdom and Insight is very rare.”

I smiled.

“Yes, I will. I definitely will.”

As I inhaled a deep breath of the fresh aroma of Wisdom and Insight, it was as if something strange exploded inside me. It was as if I have discovered a very rare and precious pearl. I was standing speechless. The fragrance of the blue rose invaded my whole being and I simply could not move on. As if my entire presence just wanted to stay longer, to linger in the sweetness of this wondrous rose a little longer.

“I will never be able to choose between the fragrances of the Rose of Wisdom and Insight and the sweetness of the rose of the Spirit of God at the rose-altar,” I sighed in awe.

“Never try to select anyone of the two. Know them both. Actually, start to know them all.”

I listened carefully to what He said, but was missing the point.

“I do not fully understand, dearest Yahushua.”

“Come, we have to move to the Rose of Knowledge,” He invited without clearing up the fact that I did not fully understand His previous interpretation.

I looked around as we walked on and then noticed an emerald green rose, just as outstanding as the previous ones. Like a background a golden afterglow bordered the presence of this lovely flower.

“What a beauty, Yahushua! Where do they all come from?”

“Move closer, daughter. Enjoy the Rose of Knowledge. Without knowledge, each rose will be like a previous one, just another rose.”

Fascinated by the beauty of the wide spread petals of the fully open rose, I understood what Father meant when He associated that with the smile of a little child: open and without pretention.

“Knowledge frames wisdom and insight.”

While listening to the Master, the sweet presence of this green rose cloaked me like a melody. I bowed down and deeply inhaled the air.

“My Yahushua, I wish it was not necessary to ever stop sensing this rose.”

“But why would you like to stop inhaling the fragrance of the Spirit of Knowledge, My love?  I am about to plant one in the garden of your heart.”

After a while the Messiah took me a bit further away to where two similar copper-coloured roses stood side by side. The one in a yellowish-copper and the next in a reddish-copper colour.   

“The yellowish one is the Rose of Power and the reddish one the Rose of Might. Value their precious smell,” He explained patiently.

“It is like the colour of golden honey, Yahushua. These are the aromas of the Seven Spirits, the Seven fragrances of Yahuwah God!” I nearly shouted as the divine meaning struck me like a bomb.

It was difficult to control my excitement. Understanding sliced through my mind like an arrow and Yahushua continued.

“It is time to understand your Queenly calling, to rightfully operate in the governmental headquarters of the kingdom of heaven on earth.”

Vapour emanating from the Roses of Power and of Might surrounded me. The fragrances were almost similar, although not quite the same, but both dominant and strong.

“Inhale these strong odours and you will discover abilities without measure and limitations. These are heavenly fragrances and will empower you, as now is the season of walking courageously in boldness and becoming a pillar of strength.”

Completely bowled over by what I have been experiencing inside this heavenly rose-mountain, I tried to delay leaving the surrounding of these two powerful roses, until something just as spectacular caught my attention. Like a thin veil a purple glow was approaching from the far corner, softly spreading like a dew-covered cobweb across the whole inside of the mountain-dome. Tinted in many colours of the rainbow, the transparent, fragile glimmering slowly covered everything inside like a layer. A new, sweet aroma filled the air, changing the glory light of the moment in this sacred place into a soft purple and blue colour.

“The fragrance from the rose of the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord captures and covers all the sweet aromas inside the Mountain of Fragrances,” our beloved Yahushua explained.

A vibrancy, a living aroma, filled the place and a most peculiar fragrance, far above description, settled over the splendour as far as my eyes could see. Like a gentle breeze, soft music drew closer and the whole atmosphere became a melody of sound, magnificence and perfume. Sound, odour and beauty invaded my whole being and ignited inside me a deep hidden love and respect for this astonishment we cannot express in words.

“What you experience, is the ultimate of fragrances, the glow of the purple rose. Never disrespect the aroma of the Rose of the Fear of the Lord, Hephzibah. The fear of your heavenly King is the crown that you have to wear at all times. Today I crown you with that peculiar fragrance of the purple, tinted rose.

“Take this message and tell My children: desires that have not even surfaced in the deepness of their minds, are waiting on them who love Me.”

I realised that we have come to the end of this spectacular journey but did not want to leave the Mountain and was wandering around, tenderly touching each rose, inhaling the sweet presence of holiness. I stayed inside until my body was drenched with the sweet scented odours of all Seven Roses.

“I want to be a living fragrance of love for my Yahuwah King, my beloved Yahushua Messiah and Holy Spirit,” I sighed.

“This is My very special gift to you, little girl. Become a living fragrance of love and spread the aroma of love I imparted in you when I put the miniature rose in your hand. Let your life be embedded in the fragrance of love for the Rose of Sharon. Share this pure love with those you minister to and with everyone you meet on your earthly journey. Share what you received from Me and do not spill a drop of this sweetness of the Seven fragrances.”

I sat in awe.

“Abba Father, how can I leave now and once more become part of what is waiting outside the splendour of Your Mountain?  How?” I whispered in tears.

But I had to go. What I experienced became imbedded in the memories of my heart. It will keep me going until the end of days.