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While busy washing my hair, I heard:

“The Eighth Day church is arising.

“It is the awakening season of the Resurrected Church.

“Those in the graves are folding up their face-covers, their vision is improving and they can see clearer. Veils are lifting as they arise from their sleep.

“Dry bones will start to sing a song: ‘arise, arise, for the time has come to wake up, arise, arise from the grave.’

“Daughter, call them out, call them out of the captivity of the tombs.

“Call forth the opening of eyelids as the awakening bride should become part of the Eighth Day church.

“The resurrected body will be the living stones of the Eighth Day Resurrected church.

“Thus, it will be.”


I quickly wrote down every word and now in obedience release the revelation of the Eighth Day Resurrected Church of which Yahushua the Messiah is the Corner stone.