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Early morning at about three o’clock I was called. It was bitterly cold and I wrapped a warm blanket around me, took up my seat at my desk in my prayer room and waited.

It did not take long before I was back in the Garden . . . the Garden that formed the heart of the message I carried with me during the past months.

As I was moving deeper into the Garden I experienced a soft swirl of a fragrance that touched my senses like a butterfly. It drew me deeper into the garden, all along the indescribable beauty of completeness. Later I could not keep my curiosity to myself any longer.

“Abba Father, where does this lovely odour come from? It is an extraordinary fragrance and it feels as if a soft breath gets breathed over me. What is it?”

 “Just enjoy My Fountain of Fragrances,” He replied immediately. 

“Those who enter this deep will enjoy My spoil unspeakable”


I reached a lake and as if walking in the mist became enclosed by a haze of perfumes touching me like a gentle breeze. It was at this point that I noticed where these wonderful fragrances were coming from. From the eye of a fountain in front of me these delicate aromas were bubbling up to the surface.

Rainbow colours beamed from the eye of the fountain and carried the fragrances to the surface of the lake, where the soft movement of wings fanned the sweet odour deeper across the Garden.

“Abba Father, I do not have words to describe all these wondrous beauty,’’ was the last of our conversation I could remember before this journey ended.


But the next day I was back. This time I was even taken deeper.

A gentle wind touched my cheeks; similar to the tender touch of the wings of a butterfly.

I sensed weightlessness in my body and started to drift, becoming part of a dancing breeze. Through my spiritual eyes I could see dozens of wings; wings of butterflies, of doves and of mighty angels dancing graciously in formation, forming a very unique dance pattern, similar to free worship.

A soft melody flowing from the delicate movement of the leaves of the most colourful trees produced the music to the worship. I became part of the dancing wings, on the melody from the moving trees.

In the melody I heard a whispering:

“This is to glorify the King of heaven, the Prince of Peace and the moving Spirit of Yahuwah. Glorify Him Who is and was and is to come. Magnify the Name, the most beautiful Name of I AM. Glorify and exalt His majesty, His greatness and power, love and grace.

“Dance in oneness with the whole creation on earth as it is in heaven. Become Kingdom of heaven on earth. Live Kingdom of heaven on earth. Be Kingdom of heaven on earth. Come and join in the dance of the wings.”


For days after this revelation all I could pray was:

“Pappa Father it was awesome . . . we were inside Your Garden.  I can now minister from out of Your very presence, Your Garden. Please keep me hidden inside Your Garden. This is where I would like to be.”


Days later a Hand led me deeper into the beautiful Garden.

“Come even deeper My love. It is all about intimacy and oneness with Me.”

His voice suddenly silenced and I waited in anticipation on what He was going to tell me next.

“New life will come forth from the old dry stump. I released you to enter into a deeper hidden valley of My presence. In this valley you will grow and become a beauty underneath the shadow of My Rock.

“I put My hand over you and will protect you against any form of defilement. I have tied you to Me with a stronger bond of love. My presence is enough for you. I want you solo . . . alone but not lonely.

“You will not understand all this now, but trust Me on this one. I am about to take you even deeper into My garden and teach you more about walking solo . . . just the two of us.

“Inside My garden are many stops . . . resting places and waiting rooms. I long to take you to a place where you’ve never been before. To enter that place, you need to be prepared . . . so wait until the hour is at hand!

I was taken into a place in the Garden that looked like a cave. Somebody invisible was with me and I sensed that it could only be my lovable Yahushua. The ‘invisible’ Messiah pulled a book from a bookshelf against the wall of the cave and opened it. From one of the pages He took something and laid it on my tongue. I did not know what it was but as it melted in my mouth He clarified:

“Take the words and let them dissolve in your mouth. These new revelations of words will start to pour out in season . . . new words to feed the hungry; words of revelation and wisdom, of insight and deeper prophetic realities.”


As my Yahushua finished I noticed for the first time the lantern held by Somebody to light up the inside of the cave.

 “This is a hidden store room where I keep hidden books.”

Another book was taken from the shelf by a Hand and this time I believed it was the hand of Abba Father.

The cover pages were bulky. An inscription in strange words on the front page, written in golden letters contributes to the mystery of the revelation. It was impossible for me to read the words.  

“These are well-kept books, hidden through all the ages and there are many of them.”

The Hand took pages from the book with the golden letters and tore them into long strips.

“Eat the pages, swallow them and digest them. Words will just roll from your lips because I touched your lips. Open your mouth.”

A few drops of oil from a container were dripped on my tongue.

“Your tongue will fluently speak words of boldness. Anointed words will run from your lips when I speak. These words will become living words . . . full of strength and alive.”


Suddenly I was out of the cave and back in the Garden, looking at a Hand opening tree trunks and removing tiny scrolls made of bark from the inside of the trunks. As the Hand unrolled the little scrolls I could distinguish writings on the smooth side of the bark.

“These are the testimonies of the trees . . . old vintage trees telling the story. The tree trunks are the witnesses of history. New shoots sprouted from the old tree trunks but the old ones still carry the secrets. Some are old and long to die, but the secrets are keeping them alive and strong. Today I want to call unto them:

“Trees, speak out!”

I was curious to hear what the trees were supposed to say.

“Trees declare: ‘The King is coming. The King is coming. At last the Kingdom of heaven will be restored on earth. Almost forgotten promises will start to flow like a river of truth and people will stand in amazement, watching the waters.’

“Trees, you will witness this. You will clap hands and sing. The King has come. The King has come.

“Trees of the Garden, be a witness of this happening. You slept for ages; many a season have passed by, but you were rooted and kept alive for a time such as this. Lift up your heads. It is time and you will witness the return of the Messiah.”

One of the trees was holding an open book, teaching the other trees that were standing in a semi-circle in front of it.

“Listen treasured trees of the forest, trees of the mountains and of the valleys, let your identity become known according to your nature.

“Who can climb a thorn tree or sit in the shadow of a twig?

“Look at the cedar, planted on the highest mountains of the Lebanon, but rooted deep in the valleys below.”

Next to the tree that was teaching from the open book stood a smaller tree with an open door in its trunk. From the inside of this smaller tree melted gemstones started to flow through the open door, spreading across the Garden.

Where ever the melted liquid flowed brand new little trees were popping up, each representing a different gemstone. There were emerald-green ones, sapphire-blue ones, diamond-glittering ones, ruby-red ones and many more.


“What is the meaning of this all, Father?” I eventually asked.

“After being filled with My Spirit the trees will become what they were supposed to be. Their real identity will become aglow and they will make a strong statement.

“Hephzibah, stay in My Garden, in My presence, for I want to show you more of My Eden.”