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“The year 2014 was the year where My children were positioned at Gilgal to do strategic planning for conquering cities and defeating giants inside the Promised Land. They had to identify what was not in balance on the weighing scale of the King of heaven according to the Kingdom rules of the Kingdom of God.

          “They had to deal with their issues and wash their garments in the blood of the Lamb.

          “Now that we enter the year of 2015 My people need to take into possession their new ground inside the Promised Land. By now they should know the new boundaries and responsibilities and how to manage and rule.

          “Those who still surrender to the power of enemies, who bow before idols and who are slow in getting rid of old mind sets, will surely miss out. They are the ones who lack the Spirit of Power and Might in their lives.

          “This surely is the year to confess what you possess and to position yourself and start ruling.

          “Look at Joshua and Kaleb. They remembered how miraculously I led them through the desert and therefore occupied new territory as fully equipped believers, walking in a sincere relationship with Me. They knew their identity in Me and walked in faith remembering the miracles that paved their journey through the desert.

          “To them I gave according to their heart’s desire.

          “Kaleb’s share was the mountains in Hebron. Even his daughter Aksa and her husband inherited the Upper and the Lower springs of the Southland. Through Kaleb, his children received a double portion blessing.

          “Joshua received a city. His portion was to rule over this city.

          “This year is the year of open doors, double portions and grace. 

          “When are you claiming your land? Do you know what ground you have to rule? Have you dealt with your giants and done your strategic planning to reign over what you have received?

          “If not, you will surely miss out on what is legally yours.

          “Take responsibility and rule over your mountains and cities. Time is running out.

          “This is an urgent last minute message to those who did not pass the test. To you I am asking a last question: ‘What have you done with what had been issued to you? Did you treasure it or perhaps never valued it?’  If you handled it like chaff, you will receive a chaff-reward. You will rule over chaff.

          “If you valued and treasured it like a city, you will receive ruler ship over more cities.

          “What have you done with your share?

          “In 2015 you will have to face what you did in 2014. You will eat the fruit of your labour of the previous season.

          “Stand up. Take up your responsibility together with the Rod of Authority and start to rule over your city.”