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Daniel 12:4 ... “But you, Daniel, close up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.” (NIV)


While reading my Bible this morning, I sensed the need in my spirit to humble myself before our Abba Father.

He immediately allowed me into the cave where I had been before – the cave where I spent many wonderful hours during previous encounters and where I was cleansed and inspired on many occasions. I knew this place as His heart, the core of His presence.

But this time the scene was different.

In the wall of the cave were vaults. I could only see the doors of these treasure houses and they looked like glowing coals. With flames dancing all over the doors the vaults appeared to be sealed with fire. There could have been seven – I am not sure.

I heard a voice saying:

“This is where the sealed books of Daniel are kept. Those who think they already had access to these secrets, must know: The books are still locked away and will only be exposed in time to come and on My command.

“I am holding the key.

“These secrets will be unveiled to those who were prepared in silence, tested and found faithful and trustworthy.

“Precious daughter, tell My people not to be discouraged, not to lose faith, as the time for walking through the doorway of a new day is so close.

“I will do nothing unless I have revealed these secrets to My servants, the prophets. Those with pure hearts and clean hands – those who were purified by fire, who laid down impurities, greed, desires of the flesh, disobedience, pride, mantles of defilement and mixed seed.

“Release the word for it is time for My people, My prophets and teachers to mirror themselves in the water of truth and honesty.

“They have to ask themselves: ‘Are my hands clean enough to handle the books of Daniel? Does my heart only belong to ONE MAN?’

“I will use My Angel Gabriel to deliver these secrets to My chosen ones, My pure-hearted and humble servants.

“Time says: ‘Not yet.’

“Thus it will be.”