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It was during my evening watch when Abba Father conveyed the following message:

“Hephzibah, tell My people: This is the year of the changing of the guards.

“Some were called but do not prosper and are falling by the wayside. They are becoming weary and worn out and produce mixed seed.

“I am calling the prayer watchmen, the prayer warriors and the watchman prophets to take their places and recover ground from the enemy. To face the giants who stood up against My people in the promised land.

“Now is the time of the changing of the guards; the time to blow the shofar and call the bold ones to take up the next watch.

“The fainthearted ones will stay behind in the wilderness, not knowing who they really are or what their real inheritance look like.

“This is the year for the courageous lions to take the next watch. Those whose roars will echo over hills and valleys.

“To them I promise: I will not leave you nor forsake you. Take your place and guard the gates and watch from the walls of the city.

“I will grant you unmerited favour.

This is ME speaking, your Creator Elohim.”