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The Weighing Scale


In a vision I was shown how a big white hand held a weighing scale by the top grip of the vertical shaft. A large golden bowl on each side served as weighing platforms.

On the platform on the right a large chunk of solid gold determined the weight to be arrived at by the opposite side to balance the scale. People were lined up in a long queue awaiting their turn to get on and be weighed.

Those matching the weight of the gold were guided to one side whereas those falling short were kept separate.

The explanation I heard was to the point and clear:

“The season we are in is called the Daniel season. This is a demanding and harsh season of being tested. Each and every heart will be evaluated. Nobody will be left out and you will experience it in your life as well, My daughter. You went through severe testing the last few months and it was extremely hard on you. But you have to keep in mind that the assessing includes each and every heart.

"The weight of a pure heart filled with love is far more than what you can visualize; while impurity, pride and a heart filled with unforgiveness never qualifies but will always fall short. Never look around trying to find somebody to blame for your inability to achieve My set goals. It remains everyone's sole responsibility to be ready when the season for weighing arrives."

I noticed nervous people in the line-up cheating by hiding wrongdoings underneath their garments, but the very moment they stepped on to the scale-platform everything was exposed and brought to the light.

I heard:

“No other spirit can stand in the presence of the Holy Spirit. This is to warn My loved ones and to tell them: 'This is the season of getting tested and not to be judged – a time for cleansing of hearts and surrendering of any form of defilement.'

"I am stripping the prophets and those with Daniel-mantles from everything. Before they are allowed to move to the next season they have to pass the test. The Babylon exile is coming to an end. I want to take My true bride into the Promised Land, the New Jerusalem. The walls of the New City need to be rebuilt for My people to return to the City of Your God.

"But prior to leaving Babylon they have to be weighed and found unblemished. My precious ones cannot enter into My presence while they are still housing concealed spirits of this world.

"The Daniels will stand up but also have to face this severe testing season. No one can escape. I need you all."








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