Dear Ade Yah Love friends

As 2015 is slowly running out I once again stand in awe when I look back and actually realize what Father allowed me to do during this past year.

Without all the prayers and support and financial blessings and love from my Ade Yah Love friends it would not have been possible to absorb the pressure and fulfil the demands that occurred.

We were highly blessed and favoured by the fact that we could assist about 300 leaders through Leader Schools and equipped them to equip others. We visited various groups, attended women conferences, met with church leaders, visited small groups and ministered at church services across various denominations, accommodated prophetic groups and had many ‘one-to-one’ sessions during this year. Together with all these ‘seekers of the deeper Kingdom depths’ we experienced wonderful times as led by Holy Spirit in the presence of our beloved Abba Father and Jesus Christ the Messiah.

All the glory to our Heavenly Trinity.

I am still waiting in prayer and expectancy on what Abba Father wants from Ade Yah Love for 2016. It is never a matter of what we would like to do for Him, but solely what He would like to accomplish through us.

Recently He revealed to me that new music is coming and initially I considered this revelation as too personal to share, but having been convinced in my spirit I attach the full story below.

Please read and enjoy the openness of our Father in this revelation. He is our crystal clear Creator and Father and if you love Him you will meet Him in the spirit.   

Hopefully we can proceed and complete the new book, a follow up testimony on Halachah. We had to put this book on hold for a short time in order to get The Little Blood Soaked Book on the road and to run with the Hovav School for Leaders as instructed by Abba Father.

Once again our sincere appreciation and thanks to you out there.

Together we will stand, together we will walk, together we will prepare ourselves for our assignment as co-rulers in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Father need bold ones, those who really love Him and walk in radical obedience, fearlessly ruling over the powers of darkness.

May you enjoy a blessed and wonderful season of fellowship, friendship and family time during the festive season.

Take care and make time to spend quiet time in the presence of our Father. Build a wonderful relationship with Him and start to grow to higher maturity and intimacy through Holy Spirit in you.

Blessings and love.





Inside the garden of my Father I observed how I became visible to myself, peacefully walking out of a dense forest. My light blue and lilac garment shined in the soft glimmering of the surrounding light.

I heard the following:

“In the hiddenness of My presence you entered a new season and became a new innovation called: ‘deeper love.’ Be ready for I am about to open a new realm and even in the physical, new opportunities. I will open doors Myself.”

I was taken by the hand and led back deep into the forest - a star from above brightened the walkway.

“As from today you are dressed in your freshly new anointing and will be called Ahavah, freshly born into your new calling as Ahavah. Standing at My side we are about to enter your final passion as a woman raised to maturity. Come to My hidden place, My palace for My Ahavahs.”

 A huge circular lake with a glass surface appeared. Angels dressed in white were dancing in circles on the shimmering crystal surface. Light from above bordered each one of the dancing angels like spot lights shining upon a stage.

A soft sound like someone breathing was audible. It then gradually faded away only to return immediately in the most beautiful melody-waves with the angels following in harmony.

“A new sound gets released, little Ahavah. Over all the earth a new sound will be heard by those who are in harmony with My breath of life. Watch the angels and listen to them singing: ‘The King is approaching; the King is coming.’

“This is a new day, a new song, a new rhythm and a new stop on the timeline - the awakening season for the fig tree. The seemingly dead fig tree will shoot out in delight, start blooming and producing fruit - all in one process.

“Sing the song of the fig tree for the season has arrived for the Bridegroom to open the wedding chamber. You will see it; you will know it. The new stop is right in front of you. Embrace it in expectancy. Doors of the spirit and eyelids will open.”


I sat in awe, reading the words on the pages of my notebook over and over. In my spirit excitement bubbled up as I embraced this new revelation. With my eyes closed I waited, not ready yet to leave the intimacy of my room. I just knew that this was an unexpected and sudden entrance into a new season. The Hephzibah-season came to an end and I am about to move deeper into the season of Ahavah - a season of embracing a deeper love for Abba Father, my dearest Messiah, and the Spirit of God living within me.


I was taken back.

It was the same place, but this time the lake with the dancing angels was not there and I ended up inside a crystal room. I noticed a keyhole in a transparent crystal panel. The panel looked like a sliding wall with a key hole.

A key, made of glass, was put in the key hole and turned clockwise. The entire wall smoothly rolled to the right.

At first glance it was impossible to distinguish anything on the inside but then gradually the shape of a mighty Lion on a throne became visible. At the foot of the throne a snow white Lamb was resting, looking up at the Lion. Beams of light were shining from the eyes of the Lion and the Lamb, meeting halfway.

As I stood looking, more and more of this spectacular scene in front of me unfolded. Mighty angels were playing on harps and golden flutes. The lovely melody carried a bold and mighty authority that echoed across the room.

I knelt down with my face on the floor before the crystal throne where the Lamb was and adored the King of the Universe and the Lamb, my beloved Messiah. A white dove was hovering in circles around the mighty crystal throne while drops of gold were dripping from above.

“Ahavah, you had to come to Me today. Together we will move and together we will stand. Rest for a short season; I will watch over you.”


The content of the new season is still unknown and hidden, but I am at peace. My Father knows best and He would never release me into a new season without preparing me first - because it is not about me but about what He would like to accomplish through me.

For weeks after having received this revelation I spent many hours trying to get more clarity about the meaning of the word Ahavah. I came across an article that was such a major confirmation to me that all I could pray, was: ‘Thank You Father.

A copy of this article called Ahavah love is included below for you to enjoy.





Shalom Partner and Friend,

This month’s teaching study is on the word "Ahavah" "Love." Our hope is that you will enjoy reading it and be blessed with the perfect love of our loving and merciful God! English word "Love" is in Hebrew; "Ahavah" pronounced as: Ah-hah-vah.

Then God Eternal fashioned the man – dust from the soil – and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, so that man became a living being." (Genesis 2:7)

If you listen closely to the word, "AHAVAH" is the sound of breathing… Ahh Hahh Vahh; the first syllable is an exhalation. The second syllable is an inhalation. The third syllable, vah, has its own distinct meaning in Hebrew, "came." God exhaled… man inhaled… love came! No other word comes forth from the mouth so easily. No other word connects us so naturally to God. God’s gift of life is a gift of love. If not for the love of God, we wouldn’t be here. God’s gift of love is our gift of life … Our heart, our soul, our might are merely some of the many gifts of love that God has given us.

Can we truly understand or even try to comprehend the "Ahavah" – Love of God for us…? We don’t understand why God loves us… but thank God He does! When mankind stumbled into sin and was contaminated by it, God would have been justified in stamping us out. He could have started over with another creation but right there in the Garden of Eden God announced that the Saviour would come from the seed of a woman and bruise the "serpent’s" head (Genesis 3:15).

We are just not able or qualified to understand this "Ahavah" love. Yet, we un-deserving, were redeemed with "love and mercy" through God’s own blood!

The description is from a Hebrew perspective, and when Scripture refers to the "Love of Yahweh," which is also the "Ahavah" "Love"… we should have towards one another is; the giving, or sharing, of ourselves without the limitations of the physical, emotional, intellectual elements or a combination of any of these. And, without giving from, or of ourselves, no relationship can be enduring or can endure without Love, because without Love, we are nothing! (1 Corinthians 13)

The word Ahavah is a literal translation of the Hebrew which means a pure love and referred to the word "worship" as the maximum expression of love that can be given to God, hence the name "Ahavah." For this reason, the true form of understanding and interpreting this concept is returning to the roots, which lie along the Word of God.

"You shall love Adonai your God with all your heart, with all your soul... and with all your might." (Deuteronomy 6:5)

The meaning of "Ahavah" is "I give" and also "I love!" We now see the connection between the two words – "I give" and "I love." Love is giving…! Not only is love giving, but the actual process of giving develops the very connection between the giver and the receiver. There is no greater giving than that of a husband and wife. Each one gives to the other. The more giving that one does, the greater is the connection… Why…? The process of "giving" is a vehicle through which the giver through his act of giving is able to, through a physical gift (or even a verbal comment), give of oneself to another. This act of giving something is not merely helping another.  For sure, giving is helping another… but it is MUCH more than that!

To ‘give’ something simply does not mean to ‘share’ something, as our English (western) mind-set would have us think; it means much more than that.

But, to ‘give’ something in the Hebrew word "Ahavah" means to also "connect" with the one you Love. So, when the scripture refers to the word "Love," it actually says that YHWH - God so loved us that He "gave us" or "CONNECTED with us" through His only brought-forth Son, Yeshua (Jesus) that who ever believes in Him, shall not perish, but possess everlasting life. When PURE and TRUE Love is shared… a "connection" is made! You can only connect with something if there is a Way to connect through.