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The 12 O'Clock Shadow


It was four o’clock in the afternoon and I was busy preparing a message for a group I had to minister to, when I felt the prompting in my spirit that Abba Father wants to release something different.

“This is the year for double portions to be released double portions of healings, double portions of conversions double portions of breakthroughs will manifest in this season. Double doors of opportunities will open for double portions of blessings to move through the gates of people's lives.

"It is the year 20(14) (7x2) and the Elisha-mantle will be released. My Elisha-prophets will be announced and be clothed with this very special gift of double measures. Those walking in radical obedience, in humbleness of heart and who passed the tests of the past season will be issued with the mantle of Elisha a double-sided, reversible mantle.

"The miracles these two powerful prophets performed during their lifetimes will be the identity of the Elijah-Elisha mantle; to be released and poured out in double measure on My prophets who withstood the tests of time.

"Where I roam more radical wonders and signs will happen as I will accomplish this Myself; just allow Me the opportunity. Be still and know that I am God the same God of yesterday, today and tomorrow. All power in Heaven and on earth belongs to ME. I am the Giver of double portions, the Keeper and Releaser of the reversible double sided Elijah-Elisha mantle.

"People will stand amazed as they hunger to experience visions and wonders. Only I will let this happen. But what matters is: 'where their hearts have its place.' 

"Do they trust in Me or do they build their confidence on acts of man?

"Man is just a shadow but I am the real Giver of life.

"My people need new shoes to match the mantle of Elisha and to walk in the anointing of the double portions. These shoes are not for sale but will be issued to those who walk in purity and humbleness and obedience with Me.

"The Elisha-season is at hand; the season for this very special mantle woven from camel hair. (Holy Spirit)

"To those I will become their 12 o’clock shadow. My shadow will become their covering and I will walk in oneness with them – they in oneness in Me and with Me.

"In agreement we shall be."







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