The Little Blood SOAKED BOOK


“Abba Father, will people ever be able to understand what a Garden-in-Eden relationship is about?” I asked our Creator Father one morning while waiting on Him in the quietness of my prayer room.

His immediate response filled my inner most being.

“A Garden relationship is not within the reach of anybody, unless they first enter into a relationship with Me. They first need to know Me before they will be able to appreciate the Garden, because I am the Garden.

“But Hephzibah, they may also ask you: ‘What and where is this Garden in Eden?’ 

“That is why I am going to give you access to My Garden. I want you to journal your experience and sweet fellowship with Me, to allow My people a glimpse of what is waiting on them when they enter the gate of a Garden-in-Eden relationship with Me.”

That night my Abba Father woke me with this command:

“Hephzibah, build up your strength as you are stepping into a higher calling as a messenger. It is time to enter My Garden-in-Eden. I will take you by the hand and lead you past the cherub with the glittering sword. I will open the gate for you to enter into My garden, precious messenger.

"I need to teach you more of the Kingdom of heaven on earth," He said.

As  the  message  from  the  direction of the moving mountains slowly faded away, I refused to leave my prayer room. I wanted to soak a little longer in the presence of  what I experienced and could not fully understand . . . not having anticipated that our lovable King of heaven would return soon - to reveal to me over an uninterrupted period of three weeks - the contents of


Revelations were released daily and even sometimes during the long hours of the night. It became clear to me that this new message was of the utmost importance and I took special care to journal everything accurately.


Copies are selling for R100.00 each which includes postage to a South African address. Orders together with proof of payment and delivery address can be emailed to:

( BANKING DETAILS:  Ade Yah Love,  ABSA, Branch code – 632005, Acc number – 9170986016   Use your name as reference )




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